Genius Gifts from Holidays to Birthdays

Cadeaux géniaux à offrir en toutes occasions

Gifting a loved one can be the most satisfying, fulfilling experience there is – there’s a reason for the saying “it’s better to give than receive”.

We also know that for every gift you see and think, ‘My best friend would LOVE that…’ there are just as many hard-to-buy-for moments. It’s hard to know the best thing to get someone to show how you feel about them. How do you keep track? How do you stay on budget? Card or no card?

Here are some great gift ideas no matter the occasion.


Think outside the gift box (or bag) when it comes to birthdays and give the gift of an experience.

-Meal prep kits from HelloFresh and Chefs Plate for the aspiring chef.
-At-home spa kit from The Body Shop or Sephora for personal pampering.
-Give the gift of education with Udemy.


Grads didn’t get the rite of passage of those past – no prom, no convocation, no tassel flips.

-Who doesn’t like Jelly Bellys? Create a perfect gift package with their favourite flavours.
-Send a thoughtful package through Harry & David with cookies, mini muffins, cheesecake pops, and more.

Weddings and Anniversaries

For their I do’s and to celebrate their years together, a thoughtful anniversary gift goes a long way.

-If you can track down their gift registry, send them an item that hasn’t yet been checked: the usual suspects include Linen Chest and Bed Bath and Beyond.
Shop by year. Did you know every year of marriage is celebrated with a theme? Hallmark has some great suggestions.
-Shopping for each other? Why not celebrate with a trip? Travelling might be a bit challenging for the next little while, but you can still find safe places within Canada. The Travel & Vacations section has plenty of great deals for now… or down the road.

I keep a running list of gift ideas in the Notes app on my phone. If I see something I think would make a great gift, or someone gives me a hint as to what they want – I add it to the list. If I see someone give a gift that I think is great, I’ll add that too. Then when I need a gift idea I just have to open the app. Make sure to check off or cross out the ones you’ve given – nothing’s worse than gifting someone the same thing twice.

– Lexi, Social Media Specialist

End of Year (December)

Regardless of what holiday you celebrate (IF you celebrate) come December, it’s become an important time for gift-giving.

-Shop custom tree ornaments from Etsy.
-Fresh-baked homemade cookies – just prepare the dough or carefully layer dry ingredients in a mason jar, and package it up with cooking instructions (don’t forget the grocery gift cards).

Thank You

No matter the reason you’re thanking someone, a thoughtful gift goes a long way.

-A hand-written note sent by mail. Grab some beautiful stationery from Chapters-Indigo and tell them how much you appreciate them. Everyone loves to get personal mail.
-If there is a charity or cause they support, make a donation in their name. Usually, charities will send them an email or card saying someone donated on their behalf.

No matter the occasion, make sure you have the Rakuten browser extension downloaded so you never miss another Cash Back (or gifting) opportunity.


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