The Great Gift Guide

Need a gift guide? We got you covered! Rakuten is a one-stop shop to get all your holiday shopping done!

There are so many gifts to buy, sometimes it’s hard to keep track let alone sticking to a budget. Family and friends, teachers, Secret Santa at the office and the book club, dog walker, the mailman, the list goes on! Here’s where the gift guide comes in handy…

Rakuten has you covered. There is a store for even the hardest person on your list. Trust us. We’ve shopped A LOT! Best of all, you get Cash Back on all your shopping, even when you buy gift cards. Or stock up on gift cards so you’ll always have a handy present to give to someone unexpected, like when your neighbor brought you some soup when you weren’t feeling great.

Let’s talk about budgets

Not everyone can afford to buy everything, and sometimes our list is so long we really do need to make sacrifices or think “thought that counts” instead. Whether you’re choosing to DIY this holiday season, buy your supplies online to help save as much as possible.

If you have a little bit of leeway with your budget but still want to be economical, try mixing and matching presents. A nice bottle of wine can be inexpensive but paired with a homemade box of cookies makes for a perfect yet thoughtful gift.

Of course, you can get small items for a steal for those stockings you need to stuff. Or you can go full on luxury with big ticket items for the love of your life… and they’ll never know you got Cash Back for it.

Let’s talk about the list

Who are you shopping for and what’s on their wish list? Boyfriends and girlfriends, best friends, and grandparents. Teens and tweens, tech lovers and gaming experts. So, what can you get them? Gift boxes, board games, flowers, music, and movies. There’s something for everyone when you shop with Rakuten!


Here are some of our go-to gift stores and why we love them.

Amazon – if you’re in a hurry, Prime is a saviour.

Chapters-Indigo – for all things books and games and decorations, Chapters-Indigo has you covered.

Etsy – for everything handmade, creative or vintage, this is where we love to shop and support small business owners around the world.

Hudson’s Bay – if you’re Canadian, we shouldn’t have to explain this one.

Sephora – there’s something for every guy and gal. – lots and lots of goodies. ‘Nuff said.

Now, go get that great gift!

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