Last Minute Gift Guide

No matter what, it's always stressful when you need a gift in a pinch. We share last minute gifts that will score you points and Cash Back

The malls are crazy, your boss wants that report done yesterday, and the kids have their recital. There’s no time left for anything. We get it, life is stressful but shopping for gifts doesn’t have to be. 

Fret not, Cash Back warriors. We’ve got the best last-minute gift ideas to help you through. Especially when time is of the essence. 

Uh oh… Still haven’t gotten your gift? Print a screenshot of the item and let them know it’s en route. The fact that it’s on its way is not a bad thing and lets them look forward to your gift.

Gift Cards. Believe it or not, most people actually prefer getting gift cards because they can buy what they want when they want it. We have all kinds of gift cards in our shop that will allow you to come out on top as the holiday hero and you’ll get some Cash Back while you’re at it.

Express Shipping. Some stores offer express shipping or, even better, in-store pickup.This allows you to get your gift much faster and no one will know you waited to the last minute (we promise not to tell). Remember though, sometimes in-store pickup might take a day or two before it’s actually ready, but in most cases, it’s still faster than shipping.

Experiences. Instead of a physical present why not give them an experience? Think tickets to a sports game (StubHub) or concert (Ticketmaster) or the theatre. Get them a Groupon for something they’ll love like a manicure, massage, restaurant experience. Or booking that next trip.

Flowers. Of course, sending flowers is always a nice gesture. And these days, it’s not just flowers. Candy and chocolates, teddy bears, balloons, even fruit! And best of all, most of the time you can get it delivered within 24 hours (or same day for a fee).

Plan ahead. No matter the season, it’s always a good idea to stock up on a selection of items that will make a great gift. Whenever you see a great sale (or Cash Back), stock up on candles, gift cards or whatever your gift of choice is. That way you’re always ready for the next birthday, anniversary, housewarming, teacher gift, etc. 


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