New to Tips to Help You Get Started

New to Tips to Help You Get Started

We’re so glad you’re joining us on this earning-money-while-you-shop adventure! Let us show you around and give you the grand tour!

Online shopping has grown and evolved in recent years and is now more than both popular, and necessary than ever. Lucky for you, Rakuten can help you earn Cash Back on those necessities as well as those… non-necessities.

We want all of our new members to think of when it comes to online shopping. To make that happen, it’s important you understand how it works. Here are some things to know as you get started with us.


Now that you’ve signed up for your account, be sure to also sign up for our emails. You’ll get the newest, and best deals, special promotions, new store alerts, exclusive offers straight to your inbox!


Add your go-to retailers on to your list of favourite store. You can see them any time by visiting “My Account.” You’ll also be able to see which of your favourites are offering double Cash Back as part of our weekly promotion. So, don’t forget to hit that heart button when you see a store you like!

Double Cash Back

Every week we feature a select group of stores and gift cards at Double Cash Back. Instead of receiving 2.5% back on your shopping, you would receive 5% back (that’s just an example, sometimes it’s over two times the usual Cash Back rate.) Visit our website (or sign up for our emails) to find out who’s offering what and when. This is also an easy way to grow your Cash Back! CHA-CHING!

Social Media and Blog is on social media. Follow us to keep up to date on our latest promos and special events, double Cash Back offers, as well as tips and tricks. Here’s where to find us: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube.

Our blog, The Savvy Shopper, also gives you great tips, tricks, hacks, and info on all things fashion, beauty, gifts, tech, travel, etc.


There are two ways to never miss another Cash Back opportunity again: First, download the Rakuten app on your smartphone or tablet to shop-as-you-go, while travelling or between commercials or… you get the idea.

Second, when you’re on your laptop or desktop, be sure to download the Rakuten Express button. It will notify you when you visit a participating retailer and let you activate Cash Back so you don’t have to stop at our site first.

New Stores

The other fun thing about Rakuten? We are always working with the top stores to join our party. And we keep a nifty little list too so you can find out all the new players. Find out what new stores have joined Rakuten and show them your support by shopping.

More Savings

Did you know we have a Products on Sale page? That’s right, it’s a quick guide to sales and discounts. It will help you spot great savings in addition to the Cash Back offers you can take advantage of.

Cool Stuff

You might want to check out the Rakuten Gift Card ShopLuxury & Coupon pages! Plus, you can refer friends and earn money… That’s right, we’ll give you money when your friends sign up and they’ll get some, too. Another win-win and more cash in your account! And our Books, Music, Movies and Games is a fun place too. We like fun things.

Help Centre

We’re always here to help! You can check out the Help section for some FAQ, start a live chat with one of our Member Services agents or send us an email. Missing Cash Back? Submit a “Where’s My Cash Back” form and we’ll follow up.

And don’t be shy. Tell us about your experience and what made you join us. We love to hear from our friends.

Happy shopping!


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