New to Tips to Help You Get Started

New to! No worries, we share some tips and tricks to help you navigate the site!

Welcome to We’re so glad you could join us on this earning-money-while-you-shop adventure! Let us show you around. Give you a tour of sorts. And of course, feel free to ask any questions—we love questions (and praise!). We want all of our new members to understand how it works so here are some good things to know…

First things first.

Now that you’ve signed up for your account, be sure to also sign up for our emails. They’re chalk-full of new deals, special promotions, new stores, and (ahem) our latest blogs.

Next Up… Favourites.

Add your favourite partners to your list. You can see them any time by visiting “My Account.” You’ll also be able to see which of your favourites are offering Double Cash Back. So hit that heart button if you see a store you like.

“What’s that?” you say.

Double Cash Back is a special promotion each week for a select group of stores. Instead of receiving 2.5% back on your shopping, you might receive 5% back. (That’s just an example.) Visit our website (or sign up for our emails) to find out who’s offering what when. This is also an easy way to grow your Cash Back! CHA CHING!

Get the low down with the download.

Download the Rakuten app on your smartphone or tablet to shop-as-you-go or while travelling or between commercials or… you get the idea. Never miss another Cash Back opportunity by adding the Rakuten Express button. It will notify you every time you visit a participating partner and let you know the eligible Cash Back offer. Right?

New stores.

The other fun thing about Rakuten? We are always working with the top stores to join our party. And we keep a nifty little list too so you can find out all the new players. Find out what new stores have joined Rakuten and show them your support by shopping.

Holiday Shopping Guide! 

Where can you get all the shopping tips, hot deals, season-specific videos and more? Why, in our Holiday Shopping Guide of course! Need we say more?

Cool Stuff

You might want to check out the Rakuten Gift Card Shop, Luxury & Coupon pages! Plus, you can refer friends and earn money… Yes, we’ll give you money when your friends sign up for our awesome site. Another win-win and more cash in your account!

What Else?

We’re always here to help! You can check out the Help section for some FAQ, start a live chat or send us an email. Missing Cash Back? Submit a “Where’s My Cash Back” form.

And don’t be shy. Tell us about your experience and what made you join us. We love to hear from our friends. Welcome to the Rakuten family!

  • Shirley Stone


    I have joined, what do I do now.. when I buy from a store how do they know I am a member?

    • lberkowitz

      Hi Shirley! As long as you stop at before clicking through to the store you are shopping you don’t have to do anything. We take care of everything by tracking your purchase on the backend of our site. Once you make a purchase you’ll see the Cash Back added to your account in a day or two (this is dependent on the retailer, so make sure you check the fine print on their store page. Hope this helps!

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