Organization Hacks to Try

Organization Hacks to Try

If Marie Kondo taught us anything it’s that being organized takes a little work up front but has long-term rewards once you’re set up. Kondo isn’t the only organization Queen to grace the TVs of Canadians.

The Home Edit also launched their show on Netflix and it’s all about – you guessed it – home organization.

But you don’t need Marie, or Clea and Joanna to turn your space into a clutter-free, easy-to-find things wonderland. Here are some useful and easy home organization hacks you can try at home.


Use common kitchen items to organize your bathroom drawers. The utensil organizer is a great way to keep your makeup brushes, hair accessories, etc, neat and tidy. It’s also great for accessories, like watches or sunglasses, and jewelry.

• Find different sizes at Walmart and The Container Store, or purchase a gift card from the Rakuten Gift Card Shop for Canadian Tire.

If you are lucky enough to have a linen closet in your bathroom, we suggest hanging a shoe organizer inside the door. It will give you plenty of space to stash products or appliances, like your curling iron, keeping them from piling up under the sink. Extra tip: you can also cut a full-size organizer down to size to fit a smaller cupboard.  have to cut this one in half since usually bathroom sink drawers are rather small.

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Pssst… there are a few other uses for pocket-style shoe organizers mentioned below…

Did you know mini loaf tins are the perfect size for your lip gloss, lipstick, tweezers and other makeup items? Place one or more into your bathroom drawers for quick access. And for those super tiny items like rings and earrings, ice cube trays work great too.

• You’ll find them at Hudson’s Bay.

Do you have a zillion different nail polishes and no idea how to store them? Why not load up a clear cookie jar and use them decoratively on your counter? If space is tight, you can tuck them into a cabinet or under the sink. The clear jar makes it easy to find the perfect shade when preparing for your mani-pedi.

We’ve also seen people use a spice rack to keep nail polishes orderly. It can even be hung on the wall if you want to display them as a colour coordinated art piece.

• Shops like  AliExpress and Ebay have everything you need.


Hang a pocket-style shoe organizer on your pantry door to store sauce and mix packets or other small items. And if you can find one, a transparent shoe organizer makes it super easy to find and grab what you need.

Lowe’s and The Container Store are great places to find these.

Use empty tissue boxes to store plastic bags. Not only is it easy to grab one, but it also keeps your drawers and under-sink-space tidy.


If you aren’t planning on putting your freshly laundered sheets on your bed right away, store the folded sheets inside the matching pillowcase. This keeps matching sets together, saves space and makes your linen closet look tidier too.


To hang your shorts, jeans, belts, and even some skirts, place shower curtain hooks on your closet rod and the belt-loops can easily be put on the curtain hooks.

Bouclair and Simons have a variety of these.

Shoe organizers can also play double- (and triple-) duty by using them for sweaters, jeans, sweats and other bulky items that don’t need to be hung. Roll or fold them and place them into the nook.


You know those bread tags that tell you the best before date of your favourite carb? Well, save those. You can put them on electrical cords and with a permanent marker, write down what that cord controls. This way, you won’t ever have to play the electrical roulette game to figure out what plug goes where.

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