Get Rewarded with Rakuten

Get Rewarded with

Have you heard the news? is now

You still have the same account, the same services and the same incredible member services team to help Savvy Shoppers like you make the most of your online shopping and earn Cash Back.

We just have a different name. (And it’s pronounced RACK-uh-ten.)

So how do we do it?

Earn Cash Back

At the core of our services, we help our members earn Cash Back on purchases they would already be making online. We encourage our members to download the Rakuten Express button so that they never miss a Cash Back offer when shopping at any of our 750+ partner stores.

If you shop on your mobile device, download the free Rakuten app for Android or iOS, so you get rewarded for those impromptu purchases.

More Ways to Earn and Save

We also offer In-Store Cash Back at select merchants. Simply register your account and link your credit card to make sure your purchases in-store that will earn you Cash Back.

To refer a friend, all you have to do is go into your account and either send them an email from or copy your referral link and share it. Once your friend signs up and spends $25 through Rakuten partners, you’ll both get money. It’s a win-win. 

Did You Know?

You can also earn Cash Back when you purchase gift cards through our Gift Card Shop. Not only do gift cards make a great gift for birthdays and holidays, but they’re also great to keep handy. The next time you’re at your favourite grocery store, gas station, or restaurant, you can pay with the gift card and know you already earned Cash Back!

We love shopping, and we love being able to earn Cash Back on our Luxury purchases – it helps offset the splurge. You can feel good knowing those investment pieces were purchased with Cash Back and special offers through Rakuten.

Member Services

We’re here to help. 24/7. You can live chat with a real live agent online any day or time. Got questions about a special promotion? Did you miss your Cash Back? Whatever it is, reach out and we’re here to answer those burning shopping questions. Because shopping isn’t a 9-5 thing.


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