Alternative Self-Care Practices

Alternative Self-Care Practices

We hear a lot about self-care and how important it is. But self-care has a different meaning to everyone.

What might be relaxing for some, might be the definition of boredom to others. So, we’ve curated a list of some types of self-care (there are SO many more) that cover the bases. And remember, self-care is all about you, so do whatever it is that creates that you time.


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Setting the Space

Sometimes self-care is all about the where. Take the time to make your home an oasis (literally, a calm and pleasant place). Create your perfect escape with furniture, scented candles, plush rugs and anything else that might help you Zen out. Think art, blinds, mattress, furniture, linens, and more.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Drown out all the external (and internal) noise with a little meditation. Have you tried the Calm app? It works wonders to help you relax, fall asleep, unwind with guided meditations, chill music and even bedtime stories. While we’re on the topic – why not look cute while blissed out? Sporting Life and Decathalon have you covered.

“How wonderful I feel within is most important to me. A daily dose of yoga and meditation is a self-care routine that helps me to keep in tune with my mind, body and energy levels!”
– Shagun, Digital Marketing Manager – Acquisition


If Monica Geller from Friends was a real person, organizing would be her go-to method of self-care! Cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing can have a meditative and restorative quality for some. Visit The Container Store for the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos for mastering the (potential) mayhem of your home or office.

Investing in Yourself

Have you ever considered learning to paint? How about knit? Self-care time can be about self-investment and learning a new skill. It’s your time to do something for you! Visit Etsy for inspiration, do-it-yourself kits and creative supplies.

Fitness and Wellness

Fitness isn’t always about working out. Fitness is about health. And that can be as simple as walking outside or not sitting at a desk (or computer) for eight straight hours a day. Simple stretching, a walk outdoors or meditation (see above) can have a transformative effect on our outlook and wellbeing.

Beauty Routines

Your beauty routine can encompass more than just face masks and mani-pedis. A good scalp or face massage feels ah-mazing but also increases blood flow! You get the two-for-one benefits of a skin-illuminating glow and hair follicle stimulation (grow, baby!) has scalp massage hairbrushes and Gua Sha tools to help you get the most of massage time. Check out Vanity Planet for a scalp massager that’s out of this world!


Crosswords, word jumbles, Sudoku, jigsaw. They all have a way of helping you tune everything out – it’s a great way to decompress. Not to mention, flexing those mental muscles helps makes them stronger. Shop around our Books, Music, Movies, Games merchants.


Cooking’s a skill some think is basic or a simple necessity of life, but others find endless joy in cooking meals, trying new recipes and experimenting with food. We aren’t all Rachael Rays or Jamie Olivers, but we can all find something to love in the kitchen. Find inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest then head to the Rakuten Gift Card Shop to stock up on grocery gift cards and scoop up the ingredients. But hey, if cooking really isn’t your thing, check out these meal prep kits.


Of course, shopping is a self-care practice most of us are familiar with. Retail therapy works! Just make sure your therapy shopping session doesn’t turn to stress, install the Rakuten Express so you never miss a Cash Back offer again.


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