Small Changes, Big Differences

Small Changes, Big Differences

They say a small change can have a ripple effect. It’s as applicable to a person’s life as it is to the planet and environment. One person can make a difference, even if it’s in the form of a handful of small changes.

We invite you to consider what changes you can make that might lead to big differences. Because if we all take one little step forward, it’s like we all take one giant leap together.

We’ve put together a list of different ways you can decrease your environmental impact – whether that’s using fewer disposable products or changing your eating habits – to start making an eco-impact. In a perfect world, you wouldn’t even notice the change however, the reality is, some of these ideas do require a bit of adjustment. It may affect where you shop or the types of foods and products you purchase. In any case, we hope you’ll give one, some or all of these ideas a try.

“I’ve been looking at my life from an overall perspective to make some changes. I started introducing more plant-based food, like tofu and stopped buying disposable razors in favour of a traditional safety razor where only blades are replaced. Knowing I’m helping the environment, even just a little, feels awesome!” – Lexi, Social Media Specialist


The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a few dietary guidelines to keep in mind when it comes to food. Not only are these best practices for keeping a healthy and balanced diet, but they’re great for the environment, as well. As they say, it’s a win-win for everyone:

-Reduce meat intake to approximately 500g per week
-Eat 2-3 portions of fruits and vegetables each per day
-Opt for water (safe tap water) instead of sugary drinks like juice and pop
-Consider plant-based substitutions, like tofu, tempeh, or quinoa
-Replace meat with things like legumes
-Find recipes that are easy and start small


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In addition to making changes to what you eat and drink, the kitchen is another great place to employ green ideas.

-Consider reusable bowl covers and beeswax food wrap instead of plastic cling film.
-Reusable produce bags keep your fruits and veggies fresh a lot longer.
-Soda Stream is a great alternative if you’re a pop drinker because you won’t be buying any more cans or bottles.
-Opt for loose tea leaves instead of pre-packaged bags and get yourself a tea ball, infuser or kettle designed for steeping loose leaves.
-Reuse those glass jars from jam and condiments to store soup, making overnight oats, or even start a pickling project!


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Beauty & Hygiene

Arguably, the bathroom is where we might encounter some of our most wasteful purchases. From shampoo and soap bottles to disposable razors and single-use dental floss, we can all make our hygiene routines a little eco-friendlier.

-Investment in a safety razor that only requires blade replacement (and, the blades are recyclable!)
-Bar shampoo is as effective as the liquid kind while saving space and skipping plastic bottles.
-Disposable tampon applicators are a huge problem for the environment. You can shop alternatives like menstrual cups, washable pads, or choose applicator-free tampons.
-Shop for reusable cotton or terry cloth rounds to replace your disposable cotton swabs and pads. They’re just as effective and can be laundered at home instead of taking up space in our landfills.

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For more ideas on how to make small changes with a big impact, check out our blog Green Product Swaps. You can also read about how to live an Eco-Conscious & Environmentally Friendly lifestyle. Got any other tips? Share them with our friends below.


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