Summer Reading List

Summer Reading List

It seems like with everything social media these days, we forget the importance of hobbies (especially the non-digital). We don’t always make time to delve into the new and exciting worlds to be explored in a book.  

Whether you prefer fictional stories like romance, sci-fi or even whodunits, or if you’re more interested in autobiographies and non-fiction reads, we’ve asked the avid readers on the team what they’ve currently got on-the-go!

Grab a notebook or your favourite list app and start updating or building your reading list!

The Last Odyssey: A Sigma Force Novel

Author: James Rollins

“This is the most recent in a series I’ve been reading for years and it did not disappoint! The series is a combination of sci-fi, philosophy, action/adventure and espionage. In this series, the author builds historical fact into the plots, settings, themes, and details of each book – which I love. My favourite part the appendix of each book where the author reviews the facts and fictions within the book and shares his sources and recommendations for follow-up reading depending on what struck a chord for the reader.”

Recommended by: Lexi, Social Media Specialist


Author: Grady Hendrix

“The design of this book is as important as the plot. It’s a horror-comedy set in a knockoff version of a popular Scandinavian furniture store. The novel is in the format of a store catalogue, with the item descriptions and images becoming more unnerving as the characters investigate a mystery in the store, overnight.”

Recommended by: Michael, Director of Operations

Himalayan Lust

Author: Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Every year, a group of meditators set out on a tour of the Himalayas. I went on one such trekking expedition with the meditators’ group last year. It is a book wherein one inquires about life and life-related topics. The book opens up the perception to new thoughts and ideas on spirituality.”

Recommended by: Shagun, Digital Marketing Manager


Author: Michelle Obama

“I’ve always been inspired by her personality and work. It was very heartwarming and insightful to read about her struggles being raised in the Southside neighbourhood of Chicago, through her political experience supporting her husband, Barack Obama, and getting an inside view of what life really is for the first family of United States. The book is an inspiring read encouraging readers to introspect and find ways to achieve goals and ambitions for the betterment of society. And of course, her cherished project promoting childhood nutrition, an initiative very dear to my own heart.”

Recommended by: Swati, Email Producer

This Is Not A Fashion Story

Author: Danielle Bernstein

“Danielle Bernstein is the influencer/creator behind We Wore What. This is her story on how she started her blog, her mistakes working with various brands during the growth of her accounts’ 2 million followers. This book isn’t just about that though – she details personal stories about breakups both in friendships and in love. It was an easy read and I really enjoyed that it was still in her voice. It was super honest about the influencer world and I learned so much about not only her but the industry that her life revolves around. I think this is a great read for anyone who works in the influencer world or is just a follower of hers. A great beach read!”

Recommended by: Lauren, ShopStyle Marketing Coordinator

The Stranger in the Woods

Author: Michael Finkel

It’s about a man who truly went “off the grid” in the Maine wilderness for 27 years.

Recommended by: Claire, VP of Marketing

Act Like a Lady: Questionable Advice, Ridiculous Opinions & Humiliating Tales from Three Undignified Women

Authors: Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin & Jac Vanek

“From the hosts of one of my favourite podcasts, The Lady Gang. This is a light and fun summer read! Their podcast is a go-to for me so I love that I’m learning more about the hosts and their journey, lessons, and embarrassing stories.”

Recommended by: Graziella, PR Specialist

Loose Gravel

Author: Ginny Fanthome

“I’m reading this because it’s a hoot of a story and I was once, a VERY VERY long time ago in a band with author. It is described as ‘The grimy road story of Spooge – a punk band who gets to know each other way more than they want to, cooped up in a crap-beaten van on their first tour. This, like any typical band relationship, resembles a one-night stand; everybody’s in it for the fun, there’s an unspoken hope of it becoming something more, it’s usually bitterly disappointing, and no one knows each other’s last names.’”

Recommended by: Brendan, Senior Development Manager

So go ahead and pick your favourite (or all of them) and start a summer book club with your crew. Get them to sign up for and you both get a bonus. And you can always get Cash Back when you buy your books online at Chapters-Indigo or Book Outlet. Prefer to save the trees? No problem, get your Rakuten Kobo Reader


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