Get Vacation Ready

Get vacation ready with Rakuten and save not only money but time!

Security. Stress. Skincare. There are SO MANY things to worry about when preparing for a trip.

We want to make traveling a breeze this winter with our top tips, shopping while scoring Cash Back and booking that next Instagram-worthy vacay!

Luggage: Bentley is our go-to for all things luggage and carry-on. And surprisingly, you can also get some luggage from our friends at Best Buy. If your luggage doesn’t come with locks, be sure to get TSA-approved locks so that they don’t get cut off in case of a security check. Another thing to consider is RFID-blocking wallets to prevent anyone from stealing your information remotely. Ready to take your luggage to the next level? Look for “smart” functionality like integrated scales and automatic locks to make your travel tools totally tech-y! 

Packing: In order to pack efficiently, you’ll want to get yourself some packing cubes. These are game changers! Bed Bath & Beyond and The Container Store carry them in a variety of sizes to accommodate all your essentials and help you save some much-needed space. You can also find many travel basics with Amazon, especially when you need an item quick before an upcoming trip (thank you, Amazon Prime!) And, if you’re taking any carry-ons, be sure your liquids fall under the guidelines… otherwise expect them to go bye-bye. 

Liquids: Speaking of liquids, we always travel with our own refillable water bottle. S’well is it for us. Not only is it better for the environment, but most airports have water stations for you to fill up pre-flight. That way you don’t have to worry about flagging down a flight attendant on-board for water refills. Flying at high altitudes can be super dehydrating – so it’s important to sip water all flight long. 

Hydration: And when it comes to hydrating, don’t forget about your skin. Pack some moisturizing lotion (travel size, of course), and make sure you keep your largest organ (skin!) happy, healthy and glowing during your travels. The Body Shop and Sephora for great places to score travel sized skincare essentials.

GPS: If you’re traveling to a far off places you’ve never been, or plan on renting a car in a new city, consider getting your own GPS to accompany you. Your handy co-pilot will ensure you don’t get lost and help you save a few bucks – no need to rent one from the car company. If you don’t already own one,  set your sights on scoring one with Garmin. 

Deals: At this point, you’ve probably already booked your trip, but just in case you haven’t, check out all the amazing travel partners we have! Not only do you get great deals, but you also score Cash Back. Our Travel and Vacation section has all things air, car, hotel, and more! Oh, and did we mention our Gift Card Shop has even more great travel deals? Check it out for savings on gift cards for restaurants, gas & much more.

ClothesHudson’s Bay is a one-stop destination for all things travel gear. Whether you’re hitting a beach destination in the middle of winter and need a cute suit and swim gear or headed to a cold weather locale during our hot months, you’ll find it here. For more travel wares, shop BuyTopia and

No matter where you’re heading on your next adventure… We wish you safe travels, Savvy Shoppers!


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