How to Throw an Epic Viewing Party

We love a good viewing parties! Spend time with friends, enjoy good food and catch a great show, movie or game! Here are our tips for how to throw an epic viewing party for your squad.

It’s a thing. Viewing parties. In fact, even Facebook offers the option to throw a viewing party so you can re-watch videos with a group of people. Online.

We love viewing parties because we get to be the hostesses with the mostesses, and of course it means shopping for all the prep.

Here are our tips for how to throw the most epic viewing party your squad will talk about for ages.

Pick Your Theme

This is usually the easiest part. Why? Because the theme goes hand-in-hand with what you’ll be watching.

The Oscars: Movies are the obvious choice, but you can also go with any of the best picture nominations and take the story as your theme, like Bohemian Rhapsody! Rock some faded jeans, leather anything and something studded; give out copies of movies as swag and other items from eBay

The Bachelor: Roses, duh. Turn it into a black-tie event where everyone dresses to the nines. Hand out rosé (“Will you accept this rosé?”) and chocolate dipped strawberries to really make it feel authentic. Stock up on roses from FTD.

The Super Bowl: Footballs, tailgates, team jerseys, beers & brats, and more. Go team, go! Take your theme to the next level (and get Cash Back) from the NFL Shop.

Other viewing-party-worthy events: The Grammys, NBA All-Star Game (get items from the NBA Store), March Madness, and any Netflix binge-worthy shows…

The Devil is in the Details

Being a primo hostess means covering all the details so your guests know exactly what to do, when to show up, and all other party essentials. Evites are the easiest and they’re great for last-minute party planners.

Make sure to include the what, where, when, why, and how so nothing is left unanswered. And make your RSVP a few days earlier than you actually need to know who’s attending, because there’s always those stragglers who don’t get back to you on time.

Don’t forget to tell them if it’s pot luck, BYOB, or if there’s a dress code.

Feeding the Masses

Of course, no viewing party would be complete without food. Whether you choose to serve up a five-course plated meal, a buffet, finger foods and appetizers, or a potluck, is up to you. Our advice: find out if any of your guests have food allergies and label dishes accordingly. And take your party to a whole other level with food that matches the theme.

Finger foods, veggies and dip, nachos and salsa, footlong hot dogs, beer… these are perfect for the Super Bowl or any finals.

Don’t forget that the Rakuten Gift Card Shop offers gift cards from grocery stores across the country to help you save some much-needed dough when planning parties. Get inspired with cookbook recipes at Chapters-Indigo. And if you need any small appliances (air fryer tatter tots, anyone?) visit our friends at Hudson’sBay and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Or, if cooking isn’t your thing, gift cards from Pizza Pizza or Subway will save the day (or night). And with meal delivery service, HelloFresh, everybody wins.

And more…

As if all that weren’t enough, there’s so much more to consider. Do you have enough seating for all your guests to properly enjoy the show? If not, consider buying foldable chairs from Amazon.

If your TV isn’t big enough, now’s the chance to get that big screen you’ve always dreamed of from Best Buy.

Don’t forget to stock up on a variety of adult and kid-friendly beverages, and might as well order that fancy bar cart you’ve been meaning to get. After all, the drinks aren’t going to serve themselves!

AliExpress is another great place to shop for decorations like balloons, party plates and glasses, and other decorations to go along with your party’s theme.

PS: the last tip we have is to remember to sit down with your guests and enjoy the party!


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