Picking the Perfect Gift

Mother’s Day. Father’s Day. Graduation. Weddings and engagements. Birthdays and anniversaries. New houses, new babies, new jobs.

A skilled gifter is not born, they’re made. And it takes practice to hone the art of finding the perfect gift for each and every occasion. So how do you find a great gift without breaking the bank?

Here are our top tips, no matter who it is that’s on your list.

Track Dates

Get a perpetual calendar to mark down all the dates for the year. Perpetual calendars are unique in that they don’t expire (as the name suggests) so it’s a great and simple way to remember year after year without having to input the dates over and over each January.

Gift List

Jot down ideas whenever they come up. If you’re having a conversation about the fact that they love lavender – write it down. Then you can shop for a lavender care basket. The Body Shop is a great place to create custom care packages. Do they love murder mysteries? Send them to an escape room or dinner theatre. Groupon always has great offers you can take advantage of.

Filling Unfulfilled Requests

If they recently (within the last few years) got engaged, married, or had a baby, chances are their registry is still in the system at Hudson’s Bay or Bed Bath & Beyond. Gifting them could be as easy as picking up one or some of the unfulfilled items on their list!

Get Customizing

4. Think outside the gift box. Make a unique calendar of special events that happened every month for the past year with photos and notes. Vistaprint and Etsy are some of my favourite places to get custom printed items you can’t find anywhere else.

The Perfect Gift

The gift that keeps on giving: gift cards. When you don’t know what to give someone, why not let them choose what for themselves? With the Rakuten Gift Card Shop, it’s like a two-for-one: they get the perfect gift AND you get Cash Back.

Experiences make an Impression

Gift someone an experience. It’s a great way to stand out from the gift crowd. Not only is it unique, but it’s one that they can make their own memories with. You can get any event tickets from Ticketmaster and StubHub no matter what the giftee is into.

Donation Gifts

Have you noticed your Facebook friends requesting a charitable donation in lieu of birthday presents? They’re telling you what they want, so put your money to a good cause that means a lot to the honoree! If the recipient hasn’t specified a charity to direct donations, think about the kinds of causes that might be important to them and go from there.

From the Heart

Have a budget of… nothing? Give them a handwritten letter telling them all the wonderful things you appreciate about them. When was the last time you received a handwritten note? Exactly! But if you do have a few dollars, writing said note on lovely stationery from Chapter’s-Indigo, will make it even more special. 


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