How Does Rakuten Work? Answering Your Most Common Questions

If you haven’t heard of (formerly Rakuten), you might be thinking “This has to be too good to be true!” After all, getting Cash Back for shopping online can’t really be that easy or straightforward – right?

But it is. It really is.

No tricks, no strings, no catch.

In order to demystify the process behind earning Cash Back, we’re answering some of the most common questions we get…

I thought you were Rakuten?

We were! On August 28, 2019, we changed our name to in order to better reflect our relationship with our parent company, Rakuten. But that’s it – nothing else has changed in terms of how and who you shop with us, or how you earn Cash Back.

How does Rakuten really work?

When you shop at a retailer’s online store through, you earn a pre-determined percentage back from your purchase. You need to ensure you click through from the site to the store OR that you have the Chrome Extension added to your browser in order to connect your purchases with your account. And if you do a lot of shopping on your mobile, you can also download the free Rakuten app to ensure you never miss another Cash Back offer again. Watch this quick video to see how it works.

What are special offers and how do I find out about them?

Our weekly promotion offers 2X Cash Back at select stores and changes every week. Sometimes, you’ll even catch stores at 3X Cash Back! On top of the weekly promotion we share coupon codes and special offers on each retailer’s page. Here are a few more ways you can find out about offers:

  1. Sign up for emails
  2. Visit the Hot Deals and 2X Cash Back Promo on our website
  3. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube

Do I only get Cash Back for shopping online?

As a matter of fact, no! You can also get In-Store Cash Back. Only select stores offer this service, so check out how it works and make sure your account is linked with your method of payment to ensure you don’t miss these offers.

When do I get my Cash Back?

You can expect your account to reflect earned Cash Back within 48 hours of most purchases, however, some stores wait until the return period has passed, and most travel sites won’t report your Cash Back until after your trip is complete. Always keep an eye on your account to ensure you’re always credited the right amount. If for whatever reason you do not see the credit or the amount is incorrect, be sure to contact Member Services and let them know.

When do I get the Big Fat Payment?

You can get your Cash Back in one of two ways: a Big Fat Cheque or a credit to your PayPal account. Both options occur every three months for the purchases you made in the last three months. Always make sure your address and account info is kept up-to-date, so if you move or something changes, let us know.

Hopefully, we answered all your questions here, but if not click here for even MORE answers!  And if you need help, don’t hesitate to visit our Help Centre.


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