Stay At Home Guide

Stay at Home Guide

Here on the Savvy Shopper blog, we aim to create helpful blogs for our members filled with information, tips and recommendations! With the pandemic having people stay at home, self-isolate and socially distance, we’ve compiled the most relevant blogs on to cover all topics from food to WFH fashion, family game night and more to keep you inspired and looking forward to a brighter tomorrow! Happy reading, Savvy Shoppers!

Working from Home

Maximize your Work from Home Productivity


Elevate Your At-Home Coffee Experience

Grocery Shopping from the Comfort of your Home

Activities & DIY

Hobbies to Help Improve Your Life

Fitness from Home

Bringing Back Family Night

The Power of Music

Self-Care & Beauty

Alternative Self-Care Practices

Improving Your Sleep

Affordable Beauty Brands


Spring Cleaning Saviours

Green Product Swaps

And while you might not be able to travel right now, we’re busy daydreaming about some of our favourite past trips, and learning about sustainable approaches & tips for future travel.

Tips for Travelling Responsibly

We’re always here for you. We have highlighted the most essential categories to shop including food & drink, home office, health & fitness, entertainment, subscription services and stores that offer curbside pick-up. Earn Cash Back on your essential purchases.

And a big thanks to all the front line workers for all their hard work and dedication during this time! ❤️


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