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Welcome to Rakuten's Essential Holiday Savings Tips!

Autumn is here, the leaves are turning colour and starting to fall, the weather is perfect but all you can think about is the upcoming holiday season! You are already thinking about the list of gifts you will need to purchase: for your kids, your partner, your parents and siblings, the in-law, and whoever's holiday party you're attending this year! Your anxiety goes up a notch just thinking about going to the mall, fighting for parking, wading through the crowds, and you're already out of breath. Your bank account braces itself for all the transactions that seem to add up at the speed of light! But don’t worry, the team has prepared a shopping guide to help you make smart purchases (in-store or from your living room) so you can save money and make your Big Fat Cheque even bigger!

Black Friday - November 29, 2019

It’s cold, rainy and crowded, 7 am and the sunrise hits your face as you reach hour 4 standing outside your favourite retailer, waiting for door crashers, hoping to get a great deal on the products you want. Or, you could be just waking up, putting on a fresh pot of coffee and checking out the hottest online deals from the comfort of your living room! Black Friday highlights American Thanksgiving but has grown in Canada over the last 10 years, and most retailers are giving substantial discounts in store and online. The most sought-after items are usually small electronics, televisions, computers, toys, and both small and large appliances, all of which you can get online at big box stores like Best Buy. If you need a jump start on your holiday shopping, Black Friday is probably the best time of the year for it. Before you go to the store or start surfing the web, you might want to put together a plan. Thankfully, has curated some tips for taking advantage of Black Friday discounts and help you get the most out of your shopping. You can also check out all the great Black Friday coupons we have here!

1. Prepare a shopping list

Think about all the people you need to buy gifts for, for the remainder of the year. Whether you need gifts for your children, family, friends, or nice thank you gifts for party hosts, list out all the people you need to buy for and all the events you're planning on attending. It might even be worth it to ask your friends and family what they want for the holidays to help you budget. The sooner you prepare your list, the more time you will have to find great deals, so when Black Friday comes, you'll be prepared and know what to look for!

2. Grab all the flyers and sign up for newsletters

Saving money on Black Friday can be easy, but it does require a little bit of work. From the beginning of November onward, start looking at the flyers and mark down the pricing of products you're interested in. Sign up for newsletters from your favourite stores and stay up to date on all the sales. Now all the deals will come straight to your inbox, and all you have to do is see who has the best deals.

3. Set a budget and follow it

We all know that Black Friday tends to make people go a little shopping crazy, but don't be one of those people! Once you have your list, and you know where all the best deals are going to be, set a budget for yourself. There is no point in overspending, especially if it means having to deal with the headache of returning purchases later. Stick to your budget, buy only the best deals, and make sure your wallet is just as happy as you are at the end of the day!

4. Double check warranties and return policies

You know the fine print at the bottom of every product and checkout page that you never read? This year, take the time to read and learn about your favourite store's warranties and return policies, especially on big ticket items and electronics. It would be a shame to get stuck with a product that you didn't end up wanting or needing. If you plan on shopping in-store, don't hesitate to ask for a gift receipt, even if you don't need one! It will make your life much easier should you need to return or exchange the items that you bought.

5. Shop early and without the kids

If you have kids, we know you love them to death, but shopping on Black Friday is serious business! If you are heading out to a mall or department store, leave the kids at home and head out as early as you can. You won't be worrying about entertaining them and keeping them safe, and you can focus on what's important, deals, deals and more deals! Remain focused on checking everyone off your list, and if possible, recruit a friend or two to shop with you to maximize your shopping time and effectiveness. For more great deals this holiday, remember to check out our Holiday Shopping Guide!

Cyber ​​Monday - December 2, 2019

The Monday following Black Friday over the American Thanksgiving weekend is dedicated for online shopping. Here at, we can't deny it, Cyber Monday is one of our favourite days of the year! There is nothing more enjoyable than shopping in your jammies from the comfort of your own home. No need to face the crowds, no need to stress about finding your size or grabbing the last item in stock! Cyber ​​Monday is perfect for buying small electronic gadgets like drones, cell phones and tablets, which are all easy to find online at stores like Computers are still a great buy and on sale at this time of year, as are video games and consoles. You certainly won't be the only one take advantage of Cyber ​​Monday deals to buy toys for all the youngsters in your life. And for those who love to cook, kitchen items, as well as small appliances are usually on sale for a great price. Another great purchase during Cyber Monday is gift cards! Some stores will have promotions for gift cards, they don't expire, and they are an always great add-on or gift. So spend some extra time with your family this weekend, stay in, and finish all your holiday shopping from your couch! For some extra savings, be sure to visit our Cyber Monday coupons page right here as well!

1. Follow your favourite stores on social media

Most people forget to use social networks to check for deals, but sometimes they have unique promo codes and coupons you won't find anywhere else. A lot of merchants will also run exclusive contests on their social media platforms, maybe even giving away some of the products that you were originally looking to buy.

2. Shop in incognito or private mode online

If you shop in incognito mode this may make you eligible for deals that you normally would not see because of your browsing history. If you have been to an online store before, the website knows and you won't receive the first time shopping deals.

3. Use a credit card that gives you rewards or Cash Back

If you are a credit card holder in good standing, and you don't already have one with rewards or Cash Back, it might be worthwhile looking into one. Check with your bank if they offer these types of cards, and if you are eligible to apply. Some institutions offer discounts on all purchases, others are in categories such as groceries or gas. Even if it's only 1% back, free money is still free money!

4. Build your shopping cart beforehand

Add your favourite shops to your bookmarks, so you are a click away from shopping. Most stores will either have an online wish list or let you put items in your shopping cart and leave them. Once you have access to the flyers, and you know what is on sale, put all the products you are thinking of purchasing in your cart. When the time comes to make your purchases, all you will have to do is check out. Hopefully, this will also reduce the number of impulse purchase you might make! For even more tips like these, remember to head over to our Holiday Shopping Guide.

Boxing Day - December 26, 2019

Whether you celebrate the Christmas holidays or not, as soon as all the partying and overeating is done, Boxing Day sale begins! You will always have the option of shopping online, or in-store (if you want to stand around in lineups all day!). Boxing Day is the perfect time to find discounts on cosmetics and clothing. It may still seem a bit odd, but cosmetics are rarely on sale. Usually, after Christmas, brands start to launch new lines and colours, so it's the perfect time to stock up on your favourites from last year and save. As for clothing, most merchants are already reducing their prices on winter collections and rolling out all the latest styles for spring. For parents, or anyone looking for a new winter wardrobe, this is the perfect time to purchase jackets, accessories and other pieces to keep you warm next winter. It's always rewarding when you buy clothing at a discount, so you can fill those new pockets with some extra cash! And finally, for people who celebrate Christmas, take this opportunity to renew your decorations. Buy a new artificial tree, and stock up on cards and wrapping paper for the next holiday season. The best thing is, you can get all these deals in one great place at, so if you've never shopped in advance before, Boxing Day is the perfect time to start! Why pay full price next year while you can get all these amazing items at half price today! Or if you don't want to shop at all today, why not head out to a theatre and go see a movie with your family or friends! If you're lucky you might even have the entire theatre to yourselves. Either way, it will be super easy to save with's plan of action to help you get the most out of your post-holiday shopping! You should also check out our awesome Boxing Day coupons page here for even more savings.

1. Check out your favourite stores' flyers

A week or two before Boxing Day, most stores will put out their flyers for the big sale. Make sure you pick one up and check out all the great deals that your favourite store will be having! Then you can decide what you are going to buy, and maybe what deals aren't good enough for you. Either way, get an early start with flyers, both in-store and online, so you can plan ahead!

2. Respect your allocated budget

The key to success for a holiday season without worries in the new year is to respect your budget. If you go to the mall to shop, bring a set amount of cash with you and shop with only that. Avoid making unnecessary purchases on things you don't need or impulse buys. Sticking to a budget will allow you to enjoy your purchases rather than thinking about paying off your credit card in the new year!

3. Find out about return policies

Before making a purchase, check for return policies and make sure you're not stuck with a final sale item unless you're 100% sure you're going to keep it. You also want to avoid returning gifts or items you purchased on Boxing Day! In fact, most retailers do not do returns this day. Do not hesitate to ask employees in-store if the merchandise is returnable. For those who will be shopping online, merchants usually post their return policy on their website as well as clearly mark items that are final sale.

4. Use your gift cards

If you celebrate the holidays, there is a good chance you received a gift card or two from family and friends. Boxing Day is the perfect time for you to use them! With all the amazing sales and deals to stack with your gift cards, it's like you're shopping for free! The best thing about gift cards these days is that most retailers will also let you use them to shop online, so take advantage of it all while you can!

5. Stay in, shop online

If you're not in the mood for a crowd, your best option is to shop online. Good weather, bad weather, you can do your shopping in the comfort of your home and still enjoy all the discounts and deals. This way, Mother Nature has no chance of spoiling your shopping spree! While you're at it, you can find more great deals, content, and even product suggestion on our Holiday Shopping Guide.

New Year's Sale - January 1st

Once the craziness of the holidays is over, and you've made your New Year's resolution, it's time to shop! Whether you're breaking your resolution, or you need some motivators to help you get it done, is here to help you. New Year's sales are a great opportunity to buy discounted fall and winter clothing and some stores might even have some spring styles on sale. It's also a great time to use any of those gift cards you may have purchased or received over the holidays. Stacking sales with Cash Back and using a gift card is like getting a triple discount. Companies know what kind of resolutions people normally try and adhere to, so it's often a great time to get a deal on exercise equipment, gym memberships, and anything that has to do with fitness. Doing more sports is another popular resolution year after year, so it's also a good time to buy sports equipment and other accessories and you can always find great deals at And if you're planning on renovating your home, like updating your living room or floors, you can take advantage of New Year's sales on flooring, furniture, and bedding. Let help you make the most of your New Year's sale shopping, and follow this awesome list of money saving tips so you won't break the bank!

Thanks For Reading and Happy Shopping!