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Robeez is the leader in soft sole leather baby shoes and one of the most sought-after lines of children's footwear on the market today. Robeez footwear, which is available in more than 60 adorable designs, features ankle hugging elastic so shoes stay on. Both moms and pediatricians alike recommend Robeez for babies and toddlers up to four years of age.

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Buying shoes and clothing for baby has never been easier, thanks in large part to Robeez. Robeez shoes offer many benefits to toddlers, including the flexibility of the soft soles that allows them to bend and flex when babies take their first steps - and beyond. They promote better balance for children while supporting growth and changes in the feet of babies. Parents love Robeez shoes because they are easy to slip on, but not so easy for babies to kick off while on the go - a huge bonus for any parent who has ever had to backtrack through busy shopping malls or theme parks in search of a lost baby shoe.

Robeez shoes also come in a variety of bright fun colours and designs to make them ideal for happy babies throughout Canada to wear happily. These same bright colours also make it easy for parents to spot the shoes (and their mates) in a sea of other baby shoes, toys, blankets, etc. when in a hurry to face the day. You are also sure to love the selection of warm, fur-lined baby boots available to provide warm winter wear for children.

Robeez was founded in 1994 when a Canadian mother created a hand-crafted pair of shoes for her son. Since then, they have become a household name for parents of infants and toddlers around the world. Remember to activate your Robeez coupon codes with before you shop!